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Archie Mega Man Issue 17 is the seventeenth issue of the Archie Mega Man series.

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This is the first issue in the "Proto-Type" story arc.

Key EventsEdit

Story OneEdit

  • Rock comes across records of Blues and asks Dr. Light about him
  • (in flashback) Blues overhears Dr. Light talking about re-writing his personality and runs away

Story TwoEdit

  • Concrete Man is activated and sent to help Guts Man
  • Guts Man and Concrete Man have a few little fights
  • Guts Man and Concrete Man become friends


The song Blues whistles to is the beginning of the song Whistle Concert from Mega Man 3.

In one of the flashbacks of Proto Man's past there is a cameo appearance of a young Gil Stern

Mega Man 17 V

This issue's variant cover.