Archie Mega Man Issue 27 is the twenty sixth issue of the Archie Mega Man series.

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This is the tenth part of the 12 part crossover event: "Worlds Collide ". 


The most anticipated crossover event of 2013 rolls on with "When Worlds Collide" Part Ten of Twelve! We enter the final assault as Sonic, Tails, Mega Man and Rush storm the Wily Egg to end the dastardly duo of doctors' plans! Speaking of "duos," what's that entering Earth's atmosphere? Can it help Sonic and Mega Man fend off the Mega Man Killers? How about a Chaos Devil? Featuring more new cover art from the legendary Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante and a special look at the cover process with a super special "pencil, ink, color" sketch variant!