Archie Mega Man Issue 5 is the fifth issue of the Archie Mega Man series.

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This is the first issue of the "Time Keeps Slipping" story arc.


Time Keeps On Slipping Part One: Reasonable DoubtEdit

Mega Man and his fellow Robot Masters are cleaning up the rubble from Dr. Wily's attack on the city some time after his incarceration. While Roll tries to get them to stop goofing around, Dr. Light is interviewed by Ripot and Plum, explaining how the Robot Masters are repairing not only the city but also their reputation prior to Dr. Wily's reprogramming. The interview is cut short by the arrival of federal agents Gilbert D. Stern and Roslyn Krantz, who have questions of their own regarding the incident. Agent Stern makes it clear he suspects Dr. Light of having helped Dr. Wily, while Agent Krantz inquires about two other experimental Robot Masters which have gone missing.

At the county jail, a Blader sneaks past the guards into Wily's cell, where the mad doctor gives it instructions. Back at the clean up site, Roll loses her temper after the demolition caused by Mega Man and the others sets her hair on fire. Dr. Light lets her head back home while he and Rock accompany the agents to escort Dr. Wily to federal prison. En route, he explains to Rock how humans who break the law are imprisoned so they can be rehabilitated, since they can't simply be reprogrammed like robots. Rock asks if he has free will like humans, but Dr. Light says that despite his ability to feel emotions and make decisions, his programming still controls his actions(although Light hopes to one day build a robot who possesses the "X-Factor" of free will).

Dr. Wily is transferred to federal custody, and he snidely rebuffs Dr. Light's pleas to cooperate. As the convoy travels down the highway, a Sniper Joe ambushes them. Mega Man rushes to fight it off, only for the two robots - and everyone else - to suddenly freeze in place. As time seems to crawl to halt, Time Man strolls past the police escort and removes Dr. Wily from the scene. The freezing effect wears off, and Mega Man destroys the Sniper Joe. They discover Dr. Wily has gone missing, causing Agent Stern to accuse Dr. Light and Mega Man of helping Wily escape. Meanwhile, Roll arrives at Light Labs after grocery shopping to find oil splattered on the front door, and is confronted by Oil Man.

Short CircuitsEdit

Proto Man is eager to appear in the comic, only to find out the script calls for different robots with a shield and scarf.

Key EventsEdit

  • Time Man breaks Dr. Wily out of prison
  • Oil Man kidnaps Roll

    This issue's variant cover.