Archie Mega Man Issue 6 is the sixth issue of the Archie Mega Man series.

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It is the second issue of the "Time Keeps Slipping" story arc.


Time Keeps On Slipping Part Two: Unresolved IssuesEdit

At the scene of Dr. Wily's escape, Agent Gil Stern accuses Dr. Light of orchestrating Mega Man's fight with the Sniper Joe to distract the guards while Wily escaped. Agent Roslyn Krantz points out there isn't sufficient evidence to either convict or exonerate Dr. Light of any wrongdoing, so he offers to turn himself in to their custody so that his absence may prove his innocence. Mega Man reluctanctly lets the doctor go with the agents, and returns to Light Labs to find an oil splattered ransom note from Wily, threatening to harm Roll if he should try to track him down.

Dr. Wily arrives at his new hideout prepared by Time Man, and Oil Man returns with Roll in tow. The fastidious Time Man and laid back Oil Man bicker with each other until Wily orders them to prepare his escape craft. Roll is confused by the existence of the two new Robot Masters, unaware that Dr. Light had designed them. Wily explains that Time Man and Oil Man possess advanced experimental A.I.'s which made them significantly "powered up" compared to the other six Robot Masters. Wily completed the two behind Dr. Light's back, and now intends to use them and his new hostage to resume his work.

At the clean up site, Mega Man interrupts the Robot Masters' downtime and informs them of Roll's kidnapping and Dr. Light's arrest. Elec Man doubts Wily will risk hurting Roll as his only bargaining chip, but agrees they should rescue her. Cut Man and Ice Man volunteer to accompany Mega Man while the others continue their civil work. With no leads on Wily's current whereabouts, they teleport to Wily's abandoned castle to look for clues. Fighting their way past the leftover defenses, they reach the room where Mega Man fought the Copy Robot and find a shaft leading to below the castle. They decide to investigate further and drop down into it. Eventually, they reach a tunnel where a torrent of water sweeps them into an underwater room, where they are stared down by the filtration robot, CWU-01P.

Short CircuitsEdit

To wake up in the morning, Dr Wily employs Time Man and his counterpart, "Snooze Man."

Key EventsEdit

  • Dr. Light turns himself in and Mega Man discovers Roll's kidnapping.
  • Mega Man, Cut Man, and Ice Man investigate Wily's old castle and encounter CWU-01P.


  • This issue had a special variant cover of Mega Man from Mega Man Powered Up released at Comic-Con.
  • For some reason, Bomb Man is depicted on the cover with Mega Man and Cut Man facing CWU-01P, even though it's Ice Man who accompanies them instead.

    This issue's variant cover.