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Archie Mega Man Issue 7 is the seventh issue of the Archie Mega Man series.

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This is the third part of the "Time Keeps Slipping" story arc.


Time Keeps On Slipping Part Three: ReinforcementsEdit

Mega Man, Cut Man, and Ice Man find themselves underwater and under attack from CWU-01P, which knocks them around and launches explosives at them. The three regroup, and Mega Man orchestrates their counter attack, with Ice Man freezing its bombs, Cut Man slicing its bubble shield open, and Mega Man disabling it with his buster. They return to the ground floor of Wily's castle, with Mega Man frustrated that they haven't discovered any new information about Dr. Wily's location. Wily himself spies on them via a Telly, eagerly waiting for Rock and his friends to come find him.

Teleporting back to the clean up site, Mega Man relays the bad news to other Robot Masters that they've come up with nothing, when Agent Roslyn Krantz appears. Having investigated the scene of Roll's kidnapping herself, she's convinced that Dr. Wily is acting on his own, and asks Mega Man to confer with Agent Gil Stern over the phone and share his information. At Gil's office, Dr. Light overhears the details of what Rock and Agent Krantz found, and deduces that Wily has finished constructing Oil Man and Time Man. He suggests checking the workshop where the two were previously tested, and Agent Krantz enlists Mega Man and the Robot Masters to accompany her. On the ride over, Elec Man tells Mega Man to copy their weapons again to use against whatever Dr. Wily has planned.

They find the workshop with a crude oil painting of a skull adorning it, and the group enters the dimly lit building. As they search inside, Time Man and Oil Man silently abduct Fire Man, Ice Man, Cut Man and Guts Man without notice. The remaining Robot Masters split up, with Mega Man accompanying Agent Krantz, but Bomb Man and Elec Man are shortly subdued as well. Mega Man finally finds Dr. Wily standing atop a UFO capsule, with Roll tied to its base. Wily sicks Oil Man and Time Man on Mega Man and Krantz, whose firepower is no match for the two. She lets Mega Man handle them while she tries to rescue Roll, and he manages to beat back the two new Robot Masters. But before he can convince them to return to Light Labs, Dr. Wily reveals he's already reprogrammed the other Robot Masters as well, who stand by him ready to attack Mega Man...

Short CircuitsEdit

Agent Stern not only dislikes robots such as Mega Man, he's never been a fan of technology in general.

Key EventsEdit

  • Mega Man, Ice Man and Cut Man defeat CWU-01P