Fire Man
Technical Data
Model Number: DLN-007
Function: Waste Disposal
Affiliations: Light Labs
Dr. Thomas Light (Creator)
Special Weapon: Fire Storm
Weakness: Ice Slasher
First Appearance: Archie Mega Man Issue 1

Fire Man appears along with the other six original Robot Masters in the first issue. In the series, he speaks with a Southern accent, like in Mega Man Powered Up, as he often refers to others as "pardner". It is said in Volume 1, Let the Games Begin!, that "his firey passion for law and order burns fiercely to keep the streets clean-- figuratively and literally", although he is not obsessed with fire and justice, but is rather calm with a sense of duty.

He was introduced as a robot whose incinerator functions would promote waste reduction, and was later stolen and reprogrammed by Dr Wily. He was defeated last, and within seconds of Mega Man finding him. Later, in issue 3, Power Get!, he and the other 6 ambush him in Wily's castle, and when Mega Man attempts to talk sense into them not to fight, he stops Elec Man from attacking him and the six end up fighting, so Mega Man moves on to the Copy Robot's room. Soon afterwards, he and the others barge in, destroy the copy robot, and he is re-programmed.

In the second story arc, Time Keeps Slipping, he is assisting with the cleanup of the city after the ordeal, and much later, he helps Mega Man rescue Roll by subduing Oil Man. In the third story arc, The Return of Dr. Wily, he is introduced in issue 11, System Corruption, he is seen with the other eight Robot Masters, Time Man and Oil Man included, and they are asked by Dr. Light to rescue Mega Man, who was reprogrammed. He and Elec Man lead the brigade to storm Dr. Wily's castle, and together they defeat the Mecha Dragon, at the cost of Elec Man being damaged. He, along with Ice Man and Cut Man, lead Elec Man out of the castle and later. The next time he is seen, the group is fleeing Dr. Wily's castle before it self-destructs.

His main attack is Fire Storm and his weakness is Ice Slasher.