Flash Man

Artwork of Flash Man by Capcom

Technical Data
Model Number: DWN-014
Function: Combat Robot
Affiliations: Dr. Albert Wily (Creator)
Special Weapon: Time Stopper
Weakness: Metal Blade/Crash Bomber
Powers & Abilities: Buster Cannon
First Appearance: Archie Mega Man Issue 8

Flash Man is a Robot Master created by Dr. Albert Wily to fight Mega Man during the Return of Dr. Wily. He was killed by Quick Man in the back and came back from Ra Moon. Since then he dislikes anything similar to Quick Man like Shadow Man.


  • Despite Mega Man possessing both Metal Blade and Crash Bomber(Flash Man's weaknesses in the Mega Man 2 video game) when he confronts him, Flash Man is instead destroyed by Quick Man's Quick Boomerang, which he is immune to in the game.
  • Flash Man is seen to be jealous of Mega Man's hair.