Archie-FCBD12 MegaMan

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This is the first Megaman FCBD special, and is a re-print of the first issue.


The story begins with Mega Man trying to infiltrate Wily's robot factory. He doesn't want to fight, but he must do so to stop Dr. Wily. Mega Man uses theSuper Arm to open the door and throws it at the Big Eyes, destroying them. Inside Wily's Castle, Mega Man is attacked by the Yellow Devil and they prepare to fight, Mega Man thinking how things came to the current situation. The story then goes back in time to a few days before, with Rock and Rollhelping Dr. Light prepare for his speech. Dr. Wily appears backstage, demanding that Dr. Light allow Wily to give the speech alongside him. Dr. Light declines, causing Wily to react a bit more hostile. As Dr. Light heads to the stage to begin his speech, Wily begins to plot. Being interviewed Dr. Light is asked if his new robot masters will be used for covert war operations, like Dr. Light's old sniper Joe robots. Dr. Light is startled by this question and quickly and sternly replies that he is through with building weapons.

Later that night, when Rock and Roll get Dr. Light to bed, Wily enters the lab secretly. He then takes the six Robot Masters : Cut ManGuts ManIce Man,Bomb ManFire Man and Elec Man and makes changes to their systems. In the morning the group sees the news, hearing how Dr. Light's Robot Masters are attacking the city, followed by a broadcast by Dr. Wily, demanding that everyone surrender to him immediately. Feeling hopeless, Dr. Light sulks in regret. Rock, feeling like he has to do something, tells Dr. Light that he wants to become a battle robot. Reluctant but proud, Dr. Light starts to convert Rock into a fighting robot. Dr. Light mentions that although he did not want Rock to be used for this purpose, he couldn't be prouder, and upon hearing the name the Mega Buster (Rock's new weapon) he decides to name himself Mega Man.


  • The cover to this issue is a coloured version of the variant cover for issue 1