Gilbert Stern is a member of the police force who were in charge of relocating Dr. Wily to another prison. Gil, along with his partener Roslyn Krantz , was present when Dr. Wily made his great escape, and quickly pointed the finger of blame at Dr. Light. Gil has been on the force for longer than any of his colleagues can remember and is some-what old fashioned. He does not like the idea of robots with personalities and dislikes it when Dr. Light refers to Rock and Roll as his "children".

He seems to have a close enough relationship with his partner that he decides to take Roslyn to a restaurant after her original date bailed on her. At the restaurant he meets up with Dr. Light and Dr. Lalinde and they discuss the ethics of giving robots emotions of love. He even sides with the Emerald Spears.


In the short circuits for issue 7, it jokes about Gil not liking cordless phones or toasters when they came out (even wondering where the bread went when the toast came out).