The Metal Blade is a weapon of Mega Man's that he copied from Metal Man. It is also Metal Man's weakness.


The Metal Blade is a very strong saw blade that can be throw or used as a melee attack, as seen in issue 11 when Metal Man uses them to cut through some gears to find Mega Man. Like the games, the user can use three Metal Blades at once.


The Metal Blade is first used in issue 11, where Metal Man attacks Mega Man with them, succeeding in hitting the latter in the foot. As the fight progresses, Mega Man sneaks up to Metal Man and copies his weapon, planting a Crash Bomber into his back in the process. Mega Man finishes off Metal Man with his own weapon seconds later.

Later, in Wily's castle, Mega Man plans on using the weapons he's gathered on the Wily Machine, starting with the Metal Blade. However, seeing no effective the Metal Blade is against the Wily Machine, he uses it for the rest of the fight with it. This is the last time in the story arc that it's seen.


  • After Mega Man destroys the Wily Machine 2 with Metal Blade,he states how he wished he had copied Metal Man's power first and that it would've made things a lot easier.This is a reference to the Metal Blade being the most powerful weapon in Mega Man 2.