Oil Man
Technical Data
Model Number: DLN-00B
Function: Oil Management
Affiliations: Light Labs
Dr. Thomas Light
Special Weapon: Oil Slider
Weakness: Fire Storm
First Appearance: Archie Mega Man Issue 4

Oil Man is a prototype Robot Master like Time Man who was excluded from the release of the Original Robot Masters as Dr. Light thought Oil Man and Time Man were rather powered up compared to their "brothers". His ability is Oil Slider . He kidnapped Roll in his debut issue. His personality is a black stereotype. He and Time Man do not usually get along very well, as Oil Man's personality is more relaxed, and Time Man's personality is very punctual. He was defeated by Fire Man during the battle at Wily's hideout, and (along with Time Man) reprogrammed. He helped clean up the oil spill at a boating accident with Roll and Splash Woman.


  • In his game counter-part, he had large red lips and a black face that could be considered a black stereo-type. Archie fixed this with covering his lips with his scarf and (like the games in all countries excluding Japan) colouring his face blue.
  • Oil Man was in one of the Short Circuit comics with a mad Proto Man because of his scarf.