The Original Robot Masters were stolen by Dr. Wily and reprogramed by Dr. Wily to be evil and turn against their previous master, Dr. Light. They were then hunted down by Mega Man, and their powers copied by his copy chip. Dr. Wily found and repaired them, once again turning them against Mega Man. This time Mega Man was able to talk them round, and although their programming prevented them from directly opposing Dr. Wily they helped Mega Man destory a clone of himself. After Dr. Wily was defeated they were reprogramed by Dr. Light, and went back to their normal jobs. Dr. Wily tried to reprogram them again with the assistance of the Powered Up Robot Masters, Time Man and Oil Man. Thankfully, Dr. Light had managed to install an immunity to the reprogramming in each one.

List of Robot MastersEdit

The original Robot Masters are as follows: