Proto Man
Helmetless Protoman
Technical Data
Model Number: DLN-000
Function: Combat Robot
Affiliations: Dr. Thomas Light (Creator/"Father")
Dr. Albert Wily (Co-creator)
Special Weapon: Proto Buster
Weakness: N/A
Powers & Abilities: Charge Shot, Proto Shield
First Appearance: Archie Mega Man Issue 3 (Flashback)
Archie Mega Man Issue 8

Proto Man, also known as Blues or Break Man, is a Robot Master created by Dr. Light and is a rival to Mega Man.


In Archie Mega Man Issue 17, his backstory was told. Blues was the first self-aware robot created and was built by the combined forces of Doctor Light and Doctor Wily. Wily built his nuclear powered energy source while Doctor Light installed it into his systems. While he was funded by the military in search for advanced weaponry, Dr. Light was more interested in blurring the lines between robotics and humans. He had grown very attached to Blues and was worried for his safety when an accident occured at a testing site. It was caused by his faulty energy source, which was using too much power. The military were impressed by Blues but thought it was too advanced so that was the idea for Sniper Joes came.

Blues ran away once he overheard a conversation with Dr. Light and Lalinde about rewriting the personality (particularly his stubbornness) of Blues and change who he was. Blues was devastated and ran away from home. He tried to stay out of trouble so as to keep his power core alive as long as possible. His plan didn't work whenever people needed help and while it drained his power he still helped people in need. When his life was running out he decided to go back to Light Labs to see if Light would take him back and save him. Whenever he saw that Rock and Roll were there he felt replaced and left. He decided to go to a robotic graveyard to die whenever Dr. Wily found him and rescued him. He didn't want to be called Blues anymore and the name Proto Man felt like too much of a connection to his past. He decided to 'break' away from his past and call himself 'Break Man'.

Comic AppearancesEdit

He is referenced in issue 2, and issue 3 by Doctor Light. He is one of Dr. Light's creations and is Mega Man's brother. He was seen in issue 8 without his helmet or visor while he was watching Rock, Roll, and Dr. Light from a window. His hair was covering his eyes. Wily found him whenever he was with Ra Moon. After becoming Break Man, he finally fought and met Mega Man in Issue #23. After remembering Doctor Light caring for him he eventually stopped fighting but not before disabling Gutsman and Cutman. As Mega Man tried to pull of his helmet, the sky faded to white.