Quake Woman
Quake woman quake drill
Technical Data
Model Number: LMN-001
Function: Geological Surveillance
Affiliations: Dr. Noele Lalinde (Creator/"Mother")
Special Weapon: Quake Drill
Weakness: N/A
First Appearance: Archie Mega Man Issue 13

A Robot Master built by Dr. Lalinde, she was created for geological surveying. She has no emotions and no advanced AI programming. She usually has a shy look on her face. She is one of the few female Robot Masters. She has no personality because of an accident that happened to her made Lalinde feel bad and she didn't want to feel a connection to a 'tool'. Her main weapon is the Quake Drill.

In Archie Mega Man Issue 19, she gains a shy personality. The reason why is because her emotions are now recalibrating. In later issues she also states that she doesn't want to lose her emotions again so she tries to not get too emotional. However she is shown to overcome her fears which shows other emotions such as courage and excitement.